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    A video and photo sharing website about all the sports we love, where the swnowscoot has gain it's place with more than 200 medias!
  • Zapiks is a photo and video public website with it's own snowscoot section
    Feel free to put your own snowscoot videos and photo in the SNOWSCOOT section


  • Filip Polc's personnal web site, the best slovak snowscoot rider.
    He is a member of the international Snowscoot team and is one of the best downhill mountain bike rider of the world.
  • Kato's website
    Kato is one of the best Japanese riders and is sponsored by Insane Toys.
  • My Snowscoot Canalblog
    Some riders have made their own Blog web pages because they love Snowscoot as much as we do!
  • Nicolas Pillin's web site
    Insane Toys Pro Rider Nicolas Pillin's web mag!
  • Snowscoot "GENERATION" in the south of France!
    Philippe Papillon is a great rider and he communicates his passion to a lot of people every winter on the pyrenean slopes. If you travel over there, don't forget to stop by, he is the guy to meet if you need to learn more about Snowscoot!
  • Snowscoot in Canada
    Very nice snowscoot website, every thing in Flash for Canadian riders.
  • Snowscoot in Germany
    The biggest and most interesting German Snowscoot website.
  • Snowscoot in Japan
    The no1 Snowscoot Web site in Japan.
  • Snowscoot in Poland
    Young and Dynamic, this recent company is marketing our favorite sport in Poland.
  • Snowscoot in Romania
    Sylvain Guillot from Roumania is now distributing and promoting the Snowscoot sport and our summer products such as the Dirt Monster and the Dirt Scoot with passion in his country.
  • Snowscoot in Sweden
    Our old french friend and snowscoot rider Ben has moved to Sweden to sale and distribute the snowscoot in the country. Knowing the passion he has for our favorite sport, it's probably the best way to get yourself a snowscoot over there!
  • The Snowscoot in the Czech Republic
    Riders from the Czech Republic that use their passion for the Snowscoot to developp our sport in their country.
  • Tibor Simai's web site
    Tibor is a member of our international Snowscoot Team and is also very wellknown in the Mountain Bike and Bmx sport as one of the best riders in the world.


  • Ski bike magazine
    A cool Web Magazine giving lots of informations about the Ski bike scene around the World including new products very similar to the Snowscoot.


  • Snowscoot Shop in the German part of Switzerland
    The owner is a passionate Snowscoot Rider and you can find all our products at this adress
  • Andys bikes and parts in Germany
    A bike specialist and a Snowscoot dealer in south Germany!
  • Extrem Toys Australia
    Autralian web power incuding snowscoot.
  • Factory Shop SWITZERLAND
    A great shop in Yverdon with every thing you can dream of, including Snowscoot
  • Italian Helicopter Snowscoot Trips
    The boos is a snowscoot rider specialised in Helicopter trips over the Italian Alps.
  • Peters Bike Shop Germany
    The german no1 Snowscoot web site.
  • Sam's bike Japan
    Mister Osamu is a great man, his shop in Japan has every thing you can dream of con

  • VTT

  • Commen
    Max is "THE MAN" in the MTB business, the best bikes from Andorra!
  • Eric Barone
    The fastest man on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The RIDEBULLE Snowscoot and MTB Team
    Great guys from Switzerland having as much passion for the Snowscoot in the winter as for biking in the summer. Some of them like Stephane Descloux are part of the official Swiss Snowscoot Team.
  • V
    A great French Mountain bike magazin


  • Pirate Adventure TV Production
    Young and dynamic people specialized in Xtrem Sports Broadcast productions, our partner in the snowscoot Competitions


  • Nanou Boutique Chamrousse (fr)
    Dudu is the man to meet if you want to test a Dirt Scoot in the Summer or a Snowscoot in the winter and discover this beautiful mountain over the city of Grenoble.
  • The train of Blonay in Swtzerland
    One of the best place in the world to go DIRT SCOOTING, a small train takes up the mountain all day and almost all year long.


  • Alex sports Cran Montana Switzerland
    The shop with 60 years of experience, the best service in town. A beautiful spot to go rent and try the last products from Insane Toys. Dirt monsters and Dirt Scoots in the summer and of course Snowscoots in the Summer.
  • Mountain Evasion Les Diablerets Switzerland
    One of the best spots to ride the Monster, the staff will take you all over the station to discover all the beauty of the place. It's really worth a try.


  • Skihoo
    Every thing you want to know about mountains and winter sports......
  • Via Michellin
    Are you here and find your way out!

  • BMX

  • Born to ride
    Every thing you want to know about BMX.
  • Cream BMX mag
    The best French BMX mag sold world wide even in Japan!


  • Snowscoot Action
    A great and dynamic snowscoot Association organising great week ends in France and Switzerland.
  • Snowscoot Team from Praloup
    The wellknown Snowscoot Team from South of France sponsored by Insane Toys and directed by Manu Fouche, World Champion of scootercross.
  • The First Swiss Snowscoot Federation!
    This new organisation organises almost every week end races, Derbys, any kind of Snowscoot animation. The new National Snowscoot Team is coached by Yann Grandjean our Swiss Team Rider. Very motivated people that work as hard as they can to make our sport more popular in Switzerland.
  • The SSAGA, german and austrian snowscoot association.....
    The biggest Snowscoot community in the world with more than 200 activ members, his president Karsten Erhly is a passionate Snowscoot rider.