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2009 January French Snowscoot Championships

2010 March Snowscoot World championships Canada

2008 March: Snowscoot Praz de Lys  Open

2008 March: Snowscoot  Praloup WORLDS

2008 January: Montreux Jib Festival

2007 October: 2nd Indoor International Amneville

2007 Snowhall Handysport Initiation

2007  April: Snowscoot X-Speed Contest

2007 Knox Snowscoot World Championships

2007 March: Snowscoot Open Praz de Lys (France)

2007 Swiss Snowscoot School

2007 January Tignes AIRWAVES

2006 February: Olympic Snowscoot Demo Torino

2006 November: Indoor International Amn

2005 March: German and Austrian Snowscoot Open

2006 9th of April: French OPEN Alpe d'Huez second round

 2006 April:  Road Trip Japan (Blackliner)

2006 March: Veysonnaz Snowscoot Swiss Cup

2006 3rd of March: French OPEN Alpe d'Huez first round

2006 January: European Snowscoot Open.

2003 November: Bluewin Fly Sessions Snowscoot Shows CH

2005 October water jump Free Ride Company Biarritz Anglet FR

Ze Dirt Scoot

Ze Dirt Monster

 2005 March:  European Championships Crans Montana CH

 2005 January:  European Championships ND de Bellecombe FR

 2004 January: 2nd  Snowscoot World Championships Praloup FR

 2002 March: First Snowscoot World Championships Les Diablerets vd CH


Trash and Burn


Romain Burnier (Suisse)

Mikael Bonvarlet (France)

Baptiste Landelle (France)

Niels Emery (Switzerland)

Bruce Rulfo (France)

Yves...Brakeless (France)

Gilhem  (France)

Le Tauxe   (Switzerland)

Taz       (Switzerland)

Olivier Pabiot (France)

Filip Polc (Slovakie)

Corentin Desbois (France)

Biniou (France)

Team Praloup Insane Toys (France)

Camille Petoud (France)

Eric Fornay (France)


Grandjean Yann (Switzerland)

Tibor Simai (Germany)

Nicolas Pillin   (France)

Franck Petoud (France)

Bart Bazelman (Holland)